The Human Resources department in any company plays an important role in keeping employees happy, trained, compliant and well-informed as representatives and spokespersons of the organization.

The range of HR functions include hiring and onboarding of employees, training and development, managing employee relations and ensuring their legal compliance. When it comes to organizations with a large number of employees in one or more locations, it can become quite challenging to manage all of these activities - especially as each employee progresses through the employee lifecycle differently.

From hassle-free onboarding to quick and easy deprovisioning at the time of the employee leaving the organization, here’s how Akku’s features can improve the overall efficiency of the Human Resources department and in parallel, some overlapping activities of the IT department as well.

HR Functions
Onboard and offboard
  • Create one user account for each new employee on Akku, instead of having to create multiple user accounts in multiple applications.

  • Easily provide employees with access to one or more of your enterprise applications using the admin dashboard.

  • Assign levels of permissions, based on the employee’s role and what applications or data they may need to access.

  • Deprovision the employee's Akku account quickly and easily to revoke access to all applications when the employee exits the organization.

  • Disseminate mandatory training materials through the Akku SSO dashboard to keep employees up-to-date.

  • Customize training information specific to the functions and departments, so that each user receives only training updates that are relevant and necessary for them.

  • Replace your learning management system by directly sharing learning modules through the Akku single sign-on dashboard.

Training and Development
Employee Relations
  • Do away completely with print notices and email circulars that can be easily missed by employees.

  • Make sure that messages to be conveyed are displayed prominently at the Akku single-sign on page, before employees launch into their respective applications and work for the day.

  • Classify messages in terms of their importance, urgency and action required from the employees’ end.

  • Decide who receives which message and when, depending on the need Track and verify whether communication is consumed by users.

  • Stay up-to-date on all your documentation through push notifications and custom-built forms.

  • Require your employees to mandatorily fill out and submit relevant information on or before designated deadlines.

  • Receive updates when users view and/or take action in response to the messages.

  • Log verifiable proof of dissemination and consumption of critical communications by users, required for standards compliances.

Legal and Statutory Compliance