Akku is platform-agnostic and works well with applications based on any platform and any technology. What’s more, Akku works well not just with popular SaaS applications, but also with in-house applications and across hybrid environments.

Akku addresses concerns relating to data privacy on the cloud with a separate server instance dedicated to each deployment. A dedicated server instance brings with it two major benefits.

First, worries about sharing space with another enterprise, and the possibility of your data being accessible to someone else do not arise. And second, a separate server instance ensures that no one can access your server without intimating you and the service provider. In other words, the service provider cannot access the server without your knowledge and you cannot access without the service provider’s knowledge. Akku therefore assures you of both 100% privacy and transparency.

With most solution providers, signing up is easy but deployment is not. Most other IAM solution providers would leave you with the need to seek support from a third-party integrator, which is both expensive and time consuming.

Akku, on the other hand, eliminates the need for a system integrator through our proactive and dedicated support offering, Akku 24x7. Our team of professionals dedicated to supporting you - including an Account Manager to serve as your point of contact, a Technology Lead to guide you through any technical challenges you may encounter, and a Business Analyst to effectively align Akku’s technology solutions with your business needs - will support you through deployment, training, operation, audit and further development.