We realize that data privacy is probably your greatest concern when it comes to deploying cloud-based applications.

An identity and access management (IAM) solution like Akku goes a long way in addressing concerns over security and privacy when it comes to external threats and internal user management. However, in many cases, the way your IAM solution itself is deployed can leave you open to risks.

If your IAM platform shares common infrastructure across clients, this creates both privacy risks and opacity in infrastructure monitoring. Unlike most IAM solutions, Akku is deployed on a separate server instance for each client organization, meaning these concerns over deployment are completely addressed.

The first major benefit from Akku being deployed on a dedicated server is that risks connected to sharing space with another enterprise, and the possibility of your data being accessible to someone else, simply do not arise.

Additionally, any downtime on a specific client's Akku deployment for any reason will have no impact any other customer's deployment. With your Akku instance completely insulated from external factors, you gain greater predictability, control, and reliability.

The second key benefit of a separate server instance is that access to the server is completely transparent. Detailed logs of server access are maintained and are integrated into Akku’s console.

What this means is that no one can access your server without intimating you - not even Akku’s own team. This ensures absolute transparency and visibility - and that’s something we consider vital in a platform as important to your business as an IAM solution.