Akku’s custom SAML-based architecture makes it possible to set up a powerful Single Sign-on (SSO) across all of your organization’s applications. The use of SAML delivers benefits to enterprise grade users in the areas of access control, performance and security.

  • Akku seamlessly enables standard and custom integrations with applications built using SAML, OAuth 2.0 or OpenID standards, as well as non standards based applications, including in-house applications

  • With detailed documentation for implementations in PHP, .NET, Python and Java, Akku enables easy integration with applications built across technologies

  • Akku also supports Active Directory integration, making it simpler to set up for Windows-based environments

  • With in-depth support documentation from Akku’s technical experts, integrations with your SaaS applications can be done easily

  • Akku’s provisioning APIs enable easy integration with in-house ERP, HRMS and other applications