The healthcare industry presents a unique combination of challenges - a critical need for data privacy, enforcement of very tight compliance requirements, and being a major target for malicious activity. Additionally, it has also been found that a majority of data breaches in the healthcare industry involved internal actors, making identity and access management across apps and users extremely important.

Akku helps to overcome each of these challenges through its rich feature set.

Healthcare Data Privacy
Patient Data Security
  • Exercise tight control over which user has access to what apps and data Prevent accidental or malicious data breaches by permitting access only from whitelisted network IP addresses and devices

  • Block suspicious access attempts at abnormal times or from unexpected locations

  • Strengthen security with multi-factor authentication to reinforce password-based security

  • Protect sensitive patient data with strong encryption standards

  • Enforce consistently strong passwords across users with a standards compliant password policy

  • Ensure independence and control with separate server instances for every Akku implementation

  • Gain complete visibility with detailed logs maintained for all activity across apps and users

HIPPA Compliance and Standards
Seamless Collaboration
  • Bring personnel from different specializations, and the different applications they use, on to a single platform

  • Assign relevant access permissions and roles for users from different departments

  • Benefit from our hassle-free, expert deployment service, Akku 24x7

  • Set up custom integrations quickly and effectively with nearly any HIS, LIS, PMS and other applications

Deployment and Support