The cloud has opened up possibilities for an unprecedented degree of flexibility, convenience and productivity for enterprises and their employees alike. To make the best use of the benefits of the cloud, it is necessary to optimise processes at every stage of an employee's journey at an organization.

Akku offers a comprehensive solution to corporate identity lifecycle management.

User Lifecycle Management
  • Create user accounts in a single dashboard, in just a few clicks

  • Benefit from a high degree of flexibility in provisioning user permissions

  • Assign user roles based on their position in the organization

  • Save time for your IT and HR teams in getting new employees into the system

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  • Provide users with access only to applications and data that they require to perform their role effectively

  • Control user access permissions from a common dashboard across all applications, with Akku acting as the Identity Provider

  • Add, revoke or modify access permissions easily and instantly across users, roles and applications

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  • Share information and updates with your users regularly and reliably for improved engagement through Akku's messaging functionality

  • Disseminate training material to upskill and qualify users for a future-ready workforce

  • Track and verify viewing and consumption of communication by users to ensure compliance as well as learning & development requirements are met

  • Target communication to specific users, departments, roles or locations

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  • Track and analyze role, access and usage reports and statistics

  • Gain insights into user access requirements for different applications and data through in-depth user analytics

  • Refine definitions of roles and permissions based on actual usage data

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  • Deprovision users when they exit the organization, revoking all access to their user accounts

  • Save time and effort through complete user account control on a single dashboard, with Akku acting as the identity provider across all applications

  • Eliminate misuse of user accounts after they leave the company, and also avoid wastage of resources on idle accounts

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