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An Enterprise
Identity & Access Management Solution

The corporate user lifecycle, streamlined.

Akku is a robust, flexible identity and access management solution created to help you manage every stage of the user lifecycle more effectively.

With its range of versatile features, Akku helps improve data security, standards compliance, efficiency and productivity.


One-click access for users, One-point control for admins

Akku delivers a powerful cloud SSO solution that can be integrated easily with almost any cloud or in-house application, and packages a range of security and access control features that make user provisioning, management, access control and deprovisioning seamless.

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IP and Device based Restriction

Agentless architecture that you can trust

Unlike many other IAM solutions, Akku is built on an agentless architecture, without the need for a user agent to be installed on your infrastructure. So you know exactly what parts of your sensitive user information Akku can access, ensuring transparency and control.

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Personal Email Blocking

User Lifecycle Management

The cloud has opened up possibilities for an unprecedented degree of flexibility, convenience and productivity for enterprises and their employees alike. To make the best use of the benefits of the cloud, it is necessary to optimize processes at every stage of an employee's journey at an organization.

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Become a Channel Partner

Akku is a product by CloudNow - a pure cloud company with no legacy distractions. With an entirely cloud-based range of products and services, we live and breathe the cloud, harnessing its power to develop future-proof solutions for your enterprise.

CloudNow’s Channel Partner Program was built to help you grow your business by delivering greater value to your customers through CloudNow’s range of products and services. As a CloudNow Channel Partner, you stand to gain through industry-leading referral margins and dedicated support in sales and training.

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Password Policy Enforcement