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Control identity and access across your cloud environment

Streamline workflow with easy one-click access and powerful one-point control

Your organization’s array of cloud applications, each with its own login credentials, comes with a daunting number of accounts to be managed. Akku brings you the control and convenience of a secure Single Sign-On (SSO) to control access to all of your cloud apps. Akku’s user-friendly and customizable dashboard to manage all your users, coupled with personalized deployment support, helps you hit the ground running.

Identity Management
Akku provides SSO to all cloud applications used with your company.
Benefits of SSO - Manage multiple users for all of your cloud-based application. Centralised management.
Deployment methodology.


Secure your data driven business with powerful IP- and Device-based access controls

The possibility of unauthorized access to mission-critical business data from outside your secure LAN is a major concern for any company working with cloud-based applications. Akku’s certificate-based authentication architecture requires no updates and is completely platform- and browser-independent - empowering you to instantly provide or revoke access to your SaaS applications based on the IPs and Devices of your users.

IP and Device based Restriction



Akku uses unique certificate based authentication that requires no updates and is platform/browser independent. Revoke access at anytime.


Akku can ensure that sensitive data on SaaS based applications can only be accessed through authorised IPs and Devices.

Your organization would like to migrate to a SaaS based applications, though your security engineers are hesitant that critical customer information could be accessed from a device outside your LAN.

Your confidential enterprise security could be compromised if an employee is allowed access to company email accounts and other applications from an unauthorised device.

Ensure security and efficiency with personal email blocking at work

Allowing your employees to access their personal email accounts while at work may result not just in reduced productivity, but also, more critically, in breaches in data security. Restricting access to these accounts traditionally required a high-end firewall - but with Akku’s certificate-based access restriction, you can set up such restriction rules even with no firewall in place, and without installing any apps or plugins.

Personal Email Blocking

No need for expensive firewalls. In the absence of firewalls you can still restrict access to consumer email accounts. Certificate based access block, not required any apps to be installed in the machine or browser.

Allowing employees access to personal email accounts during work hours could cause a lack of productivity not to mention breaches in data security. Akku’s ability to control access to specific applications through its customisable interface empowers employers to restrict employees to use applications pertinent to their tasks and assignments.


Empower your users with access to relevant YouTube content

Providing your employees with access to YouTube for work-related research can be a powerful enabler. However, the volume of content on YouTube that is completely unrelated to your business can also prove to be a major source of distraction and loss of productivity. Akku allows you to selectively filter YouTube videos based on channels and categories, making for a more efficient workforce.

YouTube Filter

Though YouTube could be very useful to work related research, there is a lot of unnecessary content available that doesn’t pertain to your business and would reduce the productivity of your employees.


Akku can selectively filter YouTube videos based on channels or categories authorised by the admin. Thereby allowing your employees access to the content needed and disallowing content not pertaining to their work


Reinforce data security with a powerful, flexible password policy

Your data security is only as robust as the weakest password of your users. A majority of employees tend to set passwords that fail to comply with security standards and are easy to crack, thus exposing their data to external threats. Akku enables you to implement a mandatory password encryption policy for all the users in your organization, with the flexibility to customize your policy down to the finest detail.

Password Policy Enforcement

Powerful, flexible, customisable on a simple-to-use interface. Studies show that a majority of office employees set passwords that are easy to guess, making their data susceptible to threats. Your IT department has set a policy but how are they going to make sure it is followed for every user, for every single account they have?

Akku allows the admin to set its’ own password policy that needs to be followed by selecting from a variety of options like upper case, lower case, special characters, length etc


Protect your cloud with a additional layer of authentication

With new security threats coming to light every day, a password is only the first line of defence for your critical enterprise data. Akku provides you with a tightly integrated Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) capability that makes your data security truly powerful. This second level of authentication can integrate access through time-based OTP, fingerprint or retina scan, voice recognition, YubiKey, wearable devices or any other RSA key.

Multi-factor Authentication


First level is password, second level time-based OTP. Fingerprint, Retina, Yubikey, Apple Watch and any other RSA key, Voice recognition

Boost security and efficiency and secure with easy DNS access control

Indiscriminate browsing of irrelevant websites by your users makes their data far more susceptible to data breaches while also resulting in operational inefficiency. Akku’s integrated DNS filter makes the process of whitelisting or blacklisting website addresses very easy, enabling powerful access control and providing major gains in security and productivity.

DNS Filter

website filter

Whitelisting/Blacklisting web addresses.

Akku is a powerful, flexible enterprise cloud security solution created to help you manage identity and access across your cloud environment.

With its range of versatile features, Akku helps improve data security, privacy, standards compliance and productivity.


Akku was built by CloudNow Technologies - a fast-growing IT consulting and software development company.

CloudNow offers a wide range of services in the areas of Software Engineering, Mobile Development, UX & UI Design, Software Testing and DevOps over the cloud in a SaaS-based model. Employing a DevOps culture, the company delivers high quality applications and products to an international customer base.

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