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Gain complete control over
the corporate user lifecycle.

Akku combines robust, flexible identity and access management (IAM) with employee communications, content filtering, and more.

What this means for your business is secure and seamless management of every stage of the user lifecycle - all the way from onboarding to deprovisioning - even while improving data security, standards compliance, efficiency, and productivity.

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corporate user lifecycle

Reduce unproductive costs by eliminating unused app licenses.

Akku, as the identity provider (IdP) across your applications, enables you to monitor application utilization across users in the organization.

These analytics make it possible for you to optimize the application licenses that your business purchases or subscribes to, resulting in significant cost savings.

Reduce unproductive costs

Enable your on-prem Active Directory to support your journey to the cloud.

Akku integrates seamlessly with Active Directory (AD) - the identity solution of choice for over 90% of Fortune 1000 companies.

What this means is that even as you digitally transform your business and harness the cloud, you don’t need to switch away from your trusted existing directory service as the single source of truth for user information.

Active Directory

Hit the ground running with Akku’s dedicated support.

Akku saves you time, effort, and money in getting started with the platform with our comprehensive implementation support offering, Akku 24x7.

It’s not just at the deployment stage though - whether it’s setting up custom integrations, training your team on using the platform, supporting your operations, or even developing new features you need, we’re by your side all the way.

dedicated support

Streamline your user lifecycle without breaking the bank.

IAM solutions are among the most important technology investments a business will make, but they are also among the most expensive. That’s a key reason for many small and mid-sized businesses to leave IAM out of their cloud management plans.

Akku delivers extraordinary value backed by an extensive feature set that enables it to go far beyond typical identity and access management functionality.

Streamline your user lifecycle