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Reimagine your operations
on your journey through
the ‘new normal’

COVID-19 has changed the way business is done - in 2020 and beyond. We have observed that on the journey in this ‘new normal’, every business must progress through 4 stages: Survive, Revive, Drive, and Thrive.

Where does your business stand today?


  • With the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, your business has taken a bad hit.
  • You have put operations on hold or are progressing with extreme caution.
  • There are little to no signs of productivity and profit.

Akku establishes a platform to centralize, monitor, and track your employees, assets, protocols, minimizing the COVID impact and protecting your people and assets.

Survive safely with AKKU



  • Even as you adjust to the dynamic way of work the ‘new normal’ demands, you are trying to regain control.
  • You are struggling with soaring operational costs.
  • There is limited visibility to people and processes, and this is affecting your decision making.

Akku strengthens your operations and gives you control over compliance, risk control, visibility, and costs, along with better insights for informed decision making.

Revive operations with AKKU



  • Although business and revenue are gaining momentum, margin pressures remain severely high.
  • Your current systems are not flexible enough to adapt to the changing
    business environment.
  • You need more than just a productivity boost; you are looking for a steady surge in process efficiency.

Akku brings all your business applications into a single platform, integrates company-wide processes, and automates them to help you do more with less.

Drive better productivity with AKKU



  • Your business is ready to grow meaningfully.
  • It needs a resilient workforce, ready for the next unknown challenge.
  • You want to optimize RoI, quality, delivery timelines, and more - for accelerated growth.

Akku provides you with intelligent tools to assess productivity, resilience, balance, and vulnerabilities so you can address them and move forward with confidence!

Grow meaningfully with AKKU


Streamline your Operations To Surface Hidden Value

Akku is a robust, flexible, and highly customizable enterprise Business Continuity & Operational Resilience (BCOR) solution that was created to help you manage every aspect of your business operations seamlessly through automation, integration, and real-time monitoring.

With its range of versatile features, Akku ensures improved productivity, better visibility, and greater value across the operational lifecycle, all while making your business COVID-proof in the process.