Documentation of activities and standardization of processes are critical requirements that simply cannot be ignored if certifications such as ISO and other recognitions must be achieved to build trust in your brand or business. Non-compliance could result in the loss of certification and loss of business.

Akku keeps you standards-compliant at all times through a number of features.

  • Capture a comprehensive overview of how many users are using each application, how often each application is being utilized and how effective each application is in productivity of your workforce

  • Determine user app utilization and usage information

  • Make informed decisions on important issues like whether or not you need to renew your license for a particular application, whether the investments made into specific apps are worthwhile, whether license renewals are required for all or only a section of your workforce and so on

  • Monitor the server response - whether it slows down or is causing problems - when a number of users are logged in at the same time

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  • Ensure that no one, be it your own administrator or Akku’s technical executive, enters your data host server in an unaccounted manner

  • Log every server activity with timestamps

  • Receive a notification to your organization’s administrator along with an OTP if an Akku executive attempts to log in to the server, and vice versa

  • Be assured of maximum accountability since access is only allowed if both are logged in simultaneously so that one’s activity can be monitored by the other

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  • Customize Akku’s default password policy (which is, by itself, compliant with the requirement of industry standards) as per your organization’s specific compliance needs.

  • Use Akku as your common Identity Provider (IdP) across applications to easily set up and enforce an organization-wide password policy that is standards-compliant.

  • Be assured of your privacy on the cloud and comply with security standards as Akku provides your data with a separate server instance

  • Ensure complete visibility of who accesses your server - including your service provider - for 100% privacy and transparency