Most modern enterprises use multiple applications, both cloud-based and on-premise - generating a separate set of user credentials for each user on each app would result in a huge number of accounts to manage, which presents major security and efficiency issues.

What’s more, in today’s data-driven business landscape, almost all workspaces extend beyond a single location and a single corporate network, thanks largely to the flexibility offered by cloud computing. But as more and more of your employees begin to work remotely from outside the office space, your data goes outside the protective bounds of your firewall.

Akku provides you with a comprehensive range of user management and security features, empowering you to benefit from the cloud’s many advantages without the constant worry of data security.

  • On-board new users easily with Akku’s SSO - create and provision user accounts in a matter of a few clicks

  • Set user access permissions through Akku’s common dashboard that displays all of your organization’s applications, and modify permissions across apps

  • Revoke access instantly in cases of suspicious activity

  • Revoke permissions or remove just a single Akku account to prevent a user from accessing your applications

  • Provide your users with easy access across multiple applications through their single Akku Login

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  • Restrict access based on trusted IPs to minimize breaches and maximize security of your company data

  • Set up a whitelist of trusted IPs - Akku will do the rest to prevent access to your applications and data from any unrecognized IP addresses

  • Configure device-based restrictions for specific users with a tamper-proof certificate-based authentication process

  • Easily prevent access to critical data from devices that are not company-owned.

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  • Prevent access to your applications outside of specified business hours or approved locations through Time and location-based restrictions

  • Easily set up this functionality for different departments in your workforce, preventing suspicious login activities either by your own employees or by potential identity thieves

    Simultaneous Login Restrictions

  • Receive notifications from Akku if more than one session is open for the same user, along with the location details of each session

  • If needed, choose to directly disallow simultaneous login sessions by restricting access to only one session at a time

  • Abnormal Login Restrictions

  • Detect suspicious and unusual user activity and take quick action - for example, if Akku detects an abnormal login attempt from a different country mere minutes after a previous login by the same user at a familiar location, access can be denied

  • Apply these restrictions regardless of whether or not you set up location-based restrictions for your users - enforce administrator intervention to reactivate access

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  • Reinforce your data security with an additional layer of security through Akku’s MFA functionality

  • Apply MFA as a default requirement at all times, or have it activated only when an abnormal login event is detected

  • Choose from a range of MFA options such as TOTP, SMS PIN or Push Notifications

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