Today’s highly connected workplace opens your employees up to a number of distractions and security risks from a range of online sources. By regulating their access to irrelevant content, while still encouraging them to leverage online tools like YouTube for learning and capability-building, you can be assured of a more productive work environment.

Akku provides a comprehensive range of solutions to these impediments to efficiency, while also making navigation between multiple applications a hassle-free experience.

  • Bring all your applications under a single login platform and eliminate the need for your employees to remember multiple username-password credentials for each app

  • Avoid password fatigue by encouraging the use of a single strong password rather than multiple easy-to-remember, weak passwords

  • Provide access to all permitted applications in one go, without users needing to take the time to open and login to each individual application separately

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  • Restrict access based on trusted IPs to minimize breaches and maximize security of your company data

  • Whitelist appropriate channels and categories of videos on YouTube - Akku’s YouTube Filter reads the metadata of videos requested by your users to allow or deny access

  • Avoid security threats, data breaches and loss of productivity by blocking access to personal email on your network - with HTTP header interception, Akku’s Personal Email Block functionality permits access only your professional domain email

  • Easily blacklist or whitelist access to websites for improved productivity on company owned devices - both within and outside your firewall

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  • Simply draft a message, set its level of importance or urgency, define the action you require your employee to take in response to the message

  • Ensure that the message is delivered the next time your users log in to any of your applications through the Akku page