Identity & Access Management faces 3 key problems today - the security of user identity credentials, the integrity of identity, and the broken password-based login process. At Akku, we’re constantly looking for ways to reinforce security, ensure user privacy and streamline the user experience.

We were convinced there had to be a better way, and now we've built it - the world’s first Blockchain-based IAM solution!

User Lifecycle Management
  • Eliminate any central points of attack that can be compromised in the event of a breach

  • Harness the blockchain’s distributed ledger technology with a simple QR code-based identity verification method

  • Benefit from the security of blockchain technology without breaking the bank, with Akku deploying its own decentralized, shared, immutable ledger

  • Assign user roles based on their position in the organization

  • Save time for your IT and HR teams in getting new employees into the system

  • Retain your trusted Active Directory for user information even as you embrace the cloud

  • Eliminate the possibility of compromised passwords and user impersonation

  • Experience certainty, with blockchain credentials that cannot be altered, faked, spoofed, or even changed

  • Ensure that your records are virtually impossible to modify or remove, but are always available for verification or viewing

  • Deploy a seamless, near-instantaneous and highly secure QR code-based passwordless authentication process

  • Eliminate security gaps including easy-to-hack passwords, poor password policy compliance, common passwords used across applications and more

  • Overcome user-side challenges including hard-to-remember passwords, a cumbersome login process, frequent password reset requests to the support team and more

  • Save your users time and frustration in the login process for a greatly improved user experience