The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have been among the greatest challenges that most businesses have ever faced, with many continuing to struggle to survive today.

At the Survive stage, businesses are at risk - of exposing their employees to the virus, of non-compliance to new government regulations, of losing key revenue and assets. These risks are causing operations to be either put on hold or move forward with extreme caution, greatly affecting productivity and profit. Using manual methods to manage these key protocols and processes will be time-consuming and tedious, further depleting any possibility of productivity.

Minimize business impact caused by COVID, and protect your people and assets.

The Solution

For businesses that are struggling to survive safely through this lean period, Akku BCOR establishes a business continuity platform to remove any disruptions caused by COVID-related protocols and processes. This platform can be used to centralize, monitor, and track employees, assets and protocols, replacing existing manual methods.

In addition to streamlining all precautionary processes, Akku BCOR also ensures complete visibility into employee health through intuitive dashboards, provides tools to address employee fears, and much more! Moreover, through a centralized data repository, any business in the Survive stage can also take the first step to digitization, moving closer to driving productivity, enabling cost control, and facilitating decision making in the new normal!