As a decision maker of a logistics company, your biggest challenges probably lie in the areas of operational efficiency and operational costs.

In our experience of working with renowned logistics companies, we've seen that as much as 52,800 person-hours a month can get wasted in coordination and other manual processes. That’s 52,800 hours of lost operational efficiency!

HR teams typically spend 3-4 hours daily coordinating with employees and outlet managers

Operations personnel spend an additional 2-3 hours daily in removing hurdles, addressing incidents and tracking performance

Often, we see that companies take one of two approaches to solve this problem: hire more HR/other managerial staff, or adopt multiple tools to manage different areas of their operations. Both of these approaches, regardless of whether they impact operational efficiency, can prove to be expensive.

Ultimately, most companies either end up with a mismatch between demand and supply, thanks to the inadequate number of employees or their inefficient management. Unexpected incidents and challenging seasons like the COVID-19 pandemic that imposed many changes in manpower planning and shift management only add to this problem.