The forced new normal has left several businesses attempting to gain control over people and processes amidst many multiple challenges.

Some of these challenges include planning shift-based work for manufacturing units and other workspaces, monitoring employee activity in work-from-home setups, and tackling security, compliance, and visibility concerns that affect decision-making. Rising operational costs are also a major hurdle to reviving operations at this stage. With revenue already below 50%, it becomes crucial to plug in the leaks at the earliest.

Strengthen your operations,
get better insights, and move
into action.

The Solution

For businesses at the Revive stage of business growth, Akku’s BCOR platform extends beyond protection and risk mitigation to the next level. Through dedicated workforce management systems and dashboards, Akku makes it easy to track employee activity and measure productivity against KPIs. This not only brings visibility into the system but also provides actionable insights to improve decision making.

Akku BCOR not only puts in place key functionalities that address visibility issues, it also tackles a number of other hurdles a business may face while trying to establish a secure virtual (work-from-home) setup for employees. Additionally, Akku BCOR also brings together a slew of features that will guarantee better control over compliance, risk control, and cost control - both within and outside the workplace.