Akku BCOR brings all your company’s data - from employee information to asset details and everything in between - into a centralized repository.

Gain a bird's-eye view of your operations. Collate your operational data in a single, comprehensive platform, making it available to improve visibility across functions.

Take the first step towards digital transformation by digitizing data from disparate online and offline sources. View all the information you need in a unified platform that can be accessed from anywhere through the cloud.

  • Integrate your databases in real time

  • Capture third-party application data via APIs in near-real time

  • Transfer offline data from CSV/XML and other files

  • Eliminate manual data collection and storage sources

  • Enjoy a single-window entry to all your enterprise applications

  • Understand your data better through visualizations on an intuitive dashboard

  • Manage requests, submissions, usage data and much more