Any business that is generating revenue, but is still facing challenges in terms of efficiency is in the Drive stage. While there may be no major hurdles in operational implementation, there is still plenty of scope for improvement.

At this stage, businesses are likely to struggle with low productivity levels despite longer working hours and high margin pressures that affect overall profitability. The underlying issue here could be that because the business’ processes and systems are not flexible enough to adapt to dynamic business seasons and environments.

Do more with less - integrate
company-wide processes to
achieve enhanced efficiency.

The Solution

The Akku BCOR solution equips businesses at the Drive stage to surface blind spots as well as identify gaps in processes with tools that streamline incident tracking and simplify task management.

To plug-in productivity leaks, Akku also brings together all of a business’ applications into a single platform, integrates company-wide processes, and leverages the power of automation. In this way, with improved process flow and streamlined functioning, Akku helps you enjoy higher efficiency from existing systems. Additionally, Akku BCOR also prepares you to welcome new members of your remote workforce through a seamless onboarding system.