The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global catastrophe and has brought with it a host of challenges that businesses have never dealt with before - from employee safety to business operations to internal and external communications. Add to this the accompanying government-mandated measures, and you have a situation that is difficult to deal with without a well documented and implemented plan in place.

The Akku BCM solution can help you find and apply clarity in the midst of confusion.

akku covid 2019 bcm
  • Empower yourself and your organization’s management with well-organized dashboards that track each COVID-19 mitigation protocol you have put in place

  • Quickly identify and focus your attention on alerts that require your immediate action

  • Stay in charge as Akku automatically triggers workflows customized to your industry’s specific needs

  • Avoid compliance violations that can arise as a result of missed incidents or a lack of audit trails if you were to record your mitigation efforts manually

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  • Prepare a master records repository including data on employees, equipment, and other assets

  • Integrate this master repository with the company’s SAP or other ERP

  • Put in place plans and protocols to stay in control of business operations

  • Make use of support from the Akku team in monitoring official governmental and statutory communications and mandates

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  • Document COVID-19 Response Protocols, with well-defined instructions for every possible scenario including symptomatic or asymptomatic escalations, COVID-19 positive confirmations, quarantine orders, employee treatment, shutdowns, reopening, and contact tracing

  • Set up alerts and notifications, incident reporting mechanisms, and broadcast messages

  • Build a shared team checklist, create actionable workflows, and generate instant and shareable reports

  • Implement employee geo-tagging for contactless attendance and shift management

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  • Manage remote teams without disruption, across roles, locations, and activities

  • Handle the COVID-19 impact on meetings - consider VoIP, and online video conferencing tools

  • Log visits by visitors and external stakeholders

  • Manage laptops and end-point devices in both remote and on-prem working modes

  • Provide access control if on the cloud

  • Clean and ensure each site and work location is up to COVID-19 standards

  • Plan to manage critical resources - people, key skills, and equipment - needed to sustain ops

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  • Develop Customer Response Protocols, and instantly access all COVID-19 protocols relevant to customer communication

  • Build a list of FAQs for customers to instill confidence

  • Create a well-defined path for customer escalations

  • Track customer SLAs and ensure adherence to these standards

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  • Ensure that new measures and updates to policies are effectively disseminated to all employees

  • Track and confirm that such communications are consumed and complied with in a timely manner by all employees

  • Maintain comprehensive logs of every measure taken and action performed towards complying with statutory mandates

  • Draw on this verifiable and tamper-proof single source of truth to demonstrate compliance in case of a government intervention

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Akku offers a powerful platform for Business Continuity Management for COVID-19 and other crises that your business needs to plan for.
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