advanced server access

What is advanced server access?

Advanced Server Access is a relatively new aspect of identity and access management system for the cloud. In fact, it fits better under the umbrella of privileged access management (PAM). PAM is built on top of IdPs and ADs, which are crucial for identity and access management for on-prem networks. By being used in conjunction with ADs, PAM has been able to successfully provide enhanced control over identity for administrators and other privileged users.

What is PAM?

Privileged access management helps to secure and control privileged access to critical assets on an on-premise network. With PAM, the credentials of admin accounts are placed inside a virtual vault to isolate the accounts from any risk. Once the credentials are placed in the repository, admins are required to go through the PAM system every time they need access to the critical areas of a network. For every single login, their footprint is logged and authenticated. After every cycle, the credentials are reset, ensuring that admins have to create a new log for every access request.

Why Advanced Server Access?

As business operations were shifted to the cloud, PAM service providers had to work on their technology to suit the growing needs of providing identity and access management for cloud networks. This shift of PAM to cloud-based infrastructure and servers gave rise to advanced server access.

The criticality of certain assets remains the same even if it is moved to the cloud. Therefore, the same level of diligence is required for the admin accounts on a cloud network. This is exactly what advanced server access provides companies with. It is simply an adaptation of PAM for cloud-based networks.

The Challenge With Advanced Server Access

The most important challenge for advanced server access is the IdP, which is still largely present on-premise. IdPs are typically layered on top of an on-premise Active Directory for access management. However, with IAM solutions making their move to the cloud, it makes very little sense for companies to invest in an on-prem AD and IdP.

This limits companies from using advanced server access for their cloud network. Instead, companies choose to protect their network with a general IAM solution where an advanced server access solution is required.

PAM for The Cloud

The solution for this problem lies in developing solutions using the cloud’s capabilities to reimagine PAM as a cloud-based identity and access management solution. Today, it is possible to shift the IdP itself to the cloud by using advanced directory platforms. With these solutions, you can also reinforce your advanced server access with SSO, 2FA, and VLAN tagging to name a few, to become a truly modern organization capable of handling DevOps and Agile methods of operation with the highest level of cloud security. Directory as a Service, or DaaS, is a service which allows you to shift your IdP to the cloud for a seamless and advanced server access experience for the admins of your cloud assets.

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