MFA for apps and websites

To Implement or Ignore: MFA for Custom Apps & Websites

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the most highly recommended security measures in this age of brute-force attacks, data breaches and other such cyber attacks. And while some off-the-shelf SaaS applications may already come with a built-in MFA feature, when it comes to a custom-built application or website, businesses have to make the tough decision between reinforced security and the high cost at which it comes.

Why a Custom-built MFA is Expensive

Setting up two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication is usually an expensive affair because it involves:

  • MFA hardware: In order to set up an MFA solution, you might need to purchase specialized hardware and invest in technical resources keep them well maintained.
  • IT costs: When you opt for MFA, you must be prepared to deal with the costs that it will bring with the need for additional IT helpdesk for when users get locked out for incomplete authentication or need support to continue without interruption to their business activity.
  • Challenges in development: Building in an MFA feature into your custom application or website is no easy feat. From development to testing, databasing and syncing of user accounts, the entire process takes time and effort.
  • Multiple applications: MFA is usually difficult to set up and expensive to streamline, especially if your company uses multiple applications from different service providers – bringing them all on to a common platform can be a major hassle.

For these reasons, organizations are often reluctant to take up multi-factor authentication solutions due to the fear that they will be expensive, complex and time-consuming.

The Akku Solution

Akku is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that seamlessly integrates with your applications to act as the common identity provider (IdP) across all your on-premise and cloud-based apps. By doing so, Akku can enhance security across all your enterprise applications with a simplified, inexpensive and easy-to-implement multi-factor authentication function.

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