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Security or Functionality? Security Risks with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been adopted by most companies from around the world, resulting in a more connected and innovative business environment. Today, digital transformation essentially involves an organization’s adoption of IoT, cloud computing, machine learning, and AI. 

Business objectives of digital transformation

These technologies have enabled companies to relook at business processes and models to drive better outcomes such as:

      • Enhanced business agility
      • Improved customer insights
      • Improved operational efficiency
      • Increased revenue

However, along with such transformation, companies must also brace themselves against security risks in this new, and often unfamiliar, terrain. Attackers, who also have access to these technologies, are coming up with innovative and sophisticated attacks that can damage entire networks. 

Security Challenges with Digital Transformation

While digital transformation has become inevitable for organizations, it is unwise to prioritize functionality over security, as it can have a direct impact on your credibility and, in turn, your revenue. Therefore, it is important to understand that adoption of these new technologies has increased the surface area as well as the number of entry points for attacks that can give hackers an easy gateway into your entire network. 

A few important security challenges that organizations face are:

    • Lack of proper integration across security solutions: any loopholes or disconnect with your security system can be easily used to enter your enterprise network.
    • Incomplete visibility of user behaviour: if you are unable to track a user’s journey in your system, it scales the difficulty of implementing a security model that can fully protect your network.
    • Polymorphic and sophisticated attacks: these attacks, if carried out well, can be hard to detect by your security solution.
    • Continuous delivery and fast development expectations: When companies adopt DevOps, it can be easy for certain security vulnerabilities to pass through undetected for every deployment. 

These core aspects, along with the necessity to comply with GDPR and other regulations, require an identity-driven security solution that can detect and protect your system against outsider attacks. 

Akku from CloudNow Technologies is a powerful IAM solution that can protect your network and organization from an important part of this problem – outsider attacks. With its well-rounded and high-end features, Akku enables your organization to stay protected by precisely monitoring and limiting access to your network. It also conforms with the best practices in security and compliance. Get in touch with us to know more about how Akku can protect your network.