myths about MFA

Myths about Multi-factor Authentication

When large organizations like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook report password hacks, it throws some light on how vulnerable current systems are, as well as the need for multi-factor authentication. However, multi-factor authentication is shrouded in myths that may prevent organizations from adopting it. 

Here, we have addressed a few of the most common myths surrounding multi-factor authentication.

Myth: It adds to the complexity of the authentication process

Reality: While multi-factor authentication does indeed come as an additional step in the authentication process, it need not necessarily add to its complexity. In fact, once the initial setup of multi-factor authentication is completed, i.e. registering your mobile phone to receive authentication codes or registering your fingerprints on devices, it only takes a few additional seconds to get authenticated. In fact, far from feeling inconvenienced, most users will appreciate your organization looking out for their online safety.

Myth: It is expensive to implement

Reality: While multi-factor authentication does add on to the cost of your network security budget, with the right implementation partners, you can establish a cost-effective layer of security that is easy to use. And of course, implementing multi-factor authentication can save you from breaches which can weigh you down by millions of dollars, making implementation costs seem small in comparison.

Myth: It spoils the user experience

Reality: Many organizations, in order to prevent any disruptions to user experience, brush off the importance of implementing multi-factor authentication. However, with newer technologies which allow multi-factor authentication to seamlessly integrate with your branding, you can implement a solution that takes just a few seconds to authenticate users. Also, most individuals would be happier to take the time out to authenticate themselves than fearing that their accounts are not properly protected, meaning the user’s overall experience is actually enhanced.

Myth: It is complicated to implement

Reality: With the right network security solution partner, you can rest assured that your multi-factor authentication implementation is up and running in just a few days. Nowadays, there are solutions like Akku which are powerful yet easy-to-implement.

Multi-factor authentication has now become a benchmark in network security. But if you are still unsure about implementing the solution as a result of being influenced by these myths, please talk to an expert about how multi-factor authentication can improve your network security. At CloudNow Technologies, we have developed an Identity and Access Management solution called Akku that can make the implementation of multi-factor authentication simple and effective. To know more, get in touch with us now.