Cybersecurity Trends

Cybersecurity Trends 2020: What’s in Store

The year 2019 has been a significant one in the technology world, with several high profile cases grabbing headlines. In fact, according to a recent article by DataQuest India, there were at least four areas of interest which were highlighted this year – Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) threats, showstopper vulnerabilities like in the case of URGENT/11, speculative execution vulnerabilities such as Meltdown and Spectre, and finally the many ransomware attacks. 

As we move on to a whole new decade, it’s important to take stock of what the past decade has taught us and what the future has in store. In the cybersecurity world, experts bear past experiences in mind and routinely predict a number of innovative techniques that could be used to infiltrate security systems. Each year, different methods and new approaches are introduced or discussed, touching upon all those concerns about data protection and the challenges ahead. 

Let’s take a look at some of the cybersecurity trends for 2020:

Better cybersecurity experts

With so many cases of data breaches and leaks, the demand for better and more efficient cybersecurity experts continues to increase. In fact, a study conducted by The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there will be at least a 32 percent increase in positions for information security analysts between the years 2019 and 2028. A positive trend for the upcoming decade, cybersecurity experts will help organizations develop better and more efficient ways to deal with cyber threats and routinely probe for weaknesses in the system. 

Better ways to spot danger

The year 2020 will witness a number of predictive analytics tools becoming increasingly popular and common. These tools will help technicians notice suspicious activity or changes in user behavior, and spot dangers thanks to data collection and machine learning algorithms. In fact, research shows that machine learning can help evaluate anomalies once they spot any threats in the system. This is likely to gain momentum in the upcoming decade, allowing tech teams to focus on other areas while also anticipating or simulating attacks in order to take better precautionary measures.

Efficient strategies to reduce the cost of data breaches

According to Security Boulevard, the year 2020 will witness a higher number of people interested in deploying strategies which would make identifying any cyber attack a lot easier. The cost of defending against and managing data breaches has been increasing every year. As a result, company heads across industries are working to devise methods to minimize the cost involved in resolving such data breaches. 

More cyber risk insurance 

Cyber threats are becoming both more common and more sophisticated. Some of these threats are capable of damaging an organization’s reputation in addition to causing loss of assets. Companies have now started opting for cyber risk insurance often used to protect their business from the high cost of a hack or data breach. This cost involves making up for the revenue loss, lawsuits, revamping the organization’s reputation, and so on. According to Cyber-Ark, there will be a massive increase in the number of organizations opting for cyber insurance in order to save their assets. In the US alone, the cyber insurance industry is projected to be a $7 billion market. However, the downside here is that while organizations can heave a sigh of relief when their insurance is covered, hackers are likely to target them more frequently because of the assurance that the ransom amount will, in fact, be paid. 

Growing importance of AI 

A report by Capgemini explains why AI or Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier in the realm of cybersecurity. So while AI provides all the necessary help with network security for enterprises, it will further be utilized for other purposes including data security, identity and access management (IAM) and endpoint security. 

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