Customer IAM for GDPR Compliance

In order to protect the digital privacy of European citizens, the European Union created the General Data Protection Regulation to ensure that organizations which collect any personal data from their users make the users aware of how and why their personal data is being used. Essentially, installing an Identity and Access Management solution across your organization for your employees as well as customers can help you stay compliant with this complex regulation. 

The EU’s GDPR took effect more than a year ago, but that doesn’t make it any easier to comply with. So if your organization is still finding compliance a difficulty, we are here to help. 

Why is GDPR complicated?

With GDPR, you are required to get explicit consent from your users for collecting their data. Therefore, any mismanagement of Personally Identifying Information can land you in trouble. GDPR also provides users with the right to access, rectify, or remove the data you have about them. With all of these rules in place, it can be a daunting task for customer-facing businesses to properly and legally capture, store and process PIIs. And this is where a good IAM solution can be of help.

What is an IAM solution and when do you need it?

A good IAM solution should provide you with a centralized mechanism for controlling user actions across all your access points. In order to create such control across your business ecosystem, it becomes necessary to work with personally identifiable information or PII. 

If you provide your users with registration forms or use any identification mechanism to identify the user in your systems, then GDPR applies to you, and an IAM solution is a great way to stay compliant while also simplifying the process. 

The need of the hour

An end-to-end IAM solution that comes with features like single sign-on and multi-factor authentication across all your applications, IDs and permissions can help you create a user data framework that is compliant with GDPR. Each IAM solution comes with its own technology stack, capabilities and reporting options but it is important that you choose a solution that helps you scale without complicating your compliance.

While it could be argued that an organization can do without an IAM solution to stay compliant with GDPR, this path adds to the complexity and ambiguity of the process. Non-compliance is a costly affair and employing an efficient IAM system that not only helps you stay compliant but also protects your network can go a long way in avoiding expensive mistakes. Akku from CloudNow Technologies is a powerful IAM solution that comes with features and capabilities that help you move forward on the path to GDPR compliance, with minimal hassle. Get in touch with us to know more.