User Experience and Efficiency in cloud

Can IAM Improve User Experience and Efficiency on the Cloud?

When an enterprise migrates to the cloud, it essentially opens the doors to a range of new possibilities for its business to flourish. When cloud capabilities are utilized to their full potential, several aspects of management are largely simplified, various processes integrated, and employees empowered to focus on their core roles.

However, many of these benefits to efficiency and convenience are often rendered ineffective by the roadblocks that tight security systems bring into the mix. That is why it is important to take into account the impact of your user, data and application security set up on user experience across your environment.

A tight system of security should not leave your enterprise compromising on convenience and usability. That’s where a comprehensive IAM solution comes into the picture, helping you maintain security while providing a greater user experience, thereby enhancing the overall productivity of the enterprise; and its impact cannot be understated: you achieve customer retention, loyalty, goodwill, and longevity. 

Let’s further explore the role that IAM plays in user experience:   

1. Simplified, Seamless Onboarding

In a traditional IT environment, when a new employee joins a company, it may take days to weeks for him or her to gain access to the enterprise’s resources, thus diminishing productivity. A company that is running multiple applications without implementing an IAM system faces a number of issues, not just in terms of security, but efficiency as well.

With your IAM solution in place, new employees are instantly equipped with the tools and information that they need. From a single IAM dashboard, it is possible to create and manage user accounts with access permissions for different applications, all with a single set of credentials for each user; this makes the onboarding process effortless, efficient and simple. Through such a dashboard, user roles and permissions are assigned as per what the management decides, saving time and improving efficiency at the onboarding stage. 

2. Improved Management on the Cloud

One of the cloud’s greatest advantages is the ability to access a wide range of applications with ease.  However, it does lead to a number of challenges, particularly with regard to security. Having too many user credentials, besides being a security risk, makes regular access to applications a cumbersome process for employees. 

An IAM solution simplifies the management of applications across devices. With the single sign-on feature, each user can gain access to applications authorized to him or her by establishing a single username and password. The SSO function also works when employees are signing in from outside the enterprise’s internal network. User experience on the cloud is improved by the fact that it is possible to access a wide range of applications and information, making the process of managing data through the cloud convenient, flexible, and most importantly, secure.  

3. Improved Employee Productivity 

In order to optimize productivity, employees require access to a range of different applications, often simultaneously. A superior IAM solution ensures that the process of verifying users for the securing data is simplified, thus enhancing employees’ productivity and reducing the time taken to log in. The SSO function makes the security process simpler, smoother and more efficient. 

CloudNow’s Akku is a single, comprehensive solution that takes care of all aspects of authorization and authentication, helping your enterprise increase productivity by allowing every level to focus on its core area. Akku’s flexible features also ensure seamless synchronization of various applications, ensuring efficiency is optimized. 

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