Akku BCOR brings to you a slew of tools and functionalities required to facilitate a secure virtual or work-from-home environment for your employees.

Stay in control with efficient user management and enhance data and application security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and granular access restrictions based on user IP address, location, time, and device.

  • Set up a whitelist of trusted IPs - Akku will do the rest to prevent access to your applications and data from any unrecognized IP addresses

  • Configure device-based restrictions for specific users with a tamper-proof certificate-based authentication process

  • Easily prevent access to critical data from devices that are not company-owned

  • Prevent access to your applications outside of specified business hours or approved locations through time- and location-based restrictions

  • Receive notifications from Akku if more than one session is open for the same user, along with the location details of each session

  • Detect suspicious and unusual user activity and modify/revoke access or remove accounts instantly in cases of suspicious activity

  • Apply MFA as a default requirement at all times, or have it activated only when an abnormal login event is detected

  • Choose from a range of MFA options such as TOTP, SMS PIN, or Push Notifications