Set up customizable key performance indicators (KPIs) and track them through intuitive, actionable dashboards.

Bring visibility into your siloed processes and applications. Track the real-time status of each operational process with personalized dashboards for any given role. Quickly identify and focus attention on areas requiring immediate action.

  • Get overall employee health stats, in real time, and easily identify unwell employees

  • Single out at-risk employees based on their check-in statuses from home/plant/office

  • Promptly take appropriate action if an employee is symptomatic during on-site screenings and self surveys

  • Track/trace improving and worsening health in individual employees to decide when they can be allowed to resume work

  • Choose which aspects of your business operations you wish to able dashboards depend on features a customer is picking in their implementation

  • Track employee activity during working hours and measure time spent productively

  • See a break-up of apps or sites browsed by each employee during working hours

  • Receive notifications and alerts in case of server failure, network or connectivity issues

  • Keep tabs on time and attendance, infrastructure status and management, HR status (active/inactive/deactivated employees), training/awareness, and more