Integrate all your cloud, in-house, and third-party applications with Akku and enjoy access control features that make user provisioning, access control and deprovisioning seamless.

Exercise granular control over user access from a single dashboard, without having to login to multiple applications to manage user accounts, credentials, and permissions. At the same time, give your users access to all their applications from a single platform, with a single set of credentials.

  • Provide users with access only to applications and data that they require to perform their role effectively

  • Control user access permissions from a common dashboard across all applications, with Akku BCOR acting as the Identity Provider

  • Add or modify access permissions easily and instantly across users, roles and applications

  • Deprovision users when they exit the organization, revoking all access to their user accounts

  • Gain insights into user access requirements for different applications and data through in-depth user analytics

  • Refine definitions of roles and permissions based on actual usage data

  • Revoke access or remove accounts instantly in cases of suspicious activity