multi factor authentication

Why is multi-factor authentication indispensable?

Ever heard of the butterfly theory? A single flap of a butterfly’s wings in Australia has the potential to cause a tsunami in Indonesia. Similarly, a minor tweak in your IT infrastructure has the potential to make every node of your network vulnerable to serious attacks, irrespective of their relationship. To ensure that network security remains as streamlined as possible through any number of changes to your IT systems, it is crucial to add a virtually unhackable component to your network security.

What better way to validate your users than using their biometrics which cannot be replicated? With multi-factor authentication, you can use user attributes which are unique to each individual to authorize their entry into your system – like retina scanning, fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. A robust multi-factor authentication feature taps into the relevant sensors on your user’s device to capture the necessary information and then check for authentication and authorization.

While the security benefits of implementing a multi-factor authentication layer are numerous, what does it mean for your business in the big picture?

Improved Productivity

Depending on your company’s industry, allowing your employees to work remotely is either a necessity or a policy which improves their work-life balance. Companies which allow employees to work remotely have reported increased productivity throughout the work-force.

However, working remotely also comes with the risk of exposing your application and data to unprotected network connections. Having in place a multi-factor authentication system overcomes this problem by allowing your employees to access your network from any device, without putting your network and data at risk. Multi-factor authentication ensures that only legitimate requests are given access to by the server.

Company-wide Awareness

An efficient multi-factor authentication solution alerts your users in case of any inconsistency in their login behavior. If it is a legitimate change, employees can ignore the alert but if they notice any deviations, they can immediately alert the management of misuse. By doing this, multi-factor authentication allows companies to take action before any damage can be inflicted on their network.

Financial Benefits

Multi-factor authentication can mitigate the risk of a data breach, which in itself is expensive to deal with. It can also replace hardware-based token keys, thereby reducing hardware costs significantly, especially if the organization is large.

Large companies employ several resources for ‘employee help desks’ whose purpose is to resolve the issues faced by your employees. Unsurprisingly, most of the calls are made for password reset related queries. With multi-factor authentication, a company can save in resource spend dedicated to manning the help desks. Password management is made easier with multi-factor authentication.

For organizations, both large and small, the use of multi-factor authentication to protect user data is of tremendous benefit. Akku from CloudNow technologies is a light-weight security solution which comes with power-packed security features for the large organizations and is yet compact enough for SMBs.

Data is crucial and security is paramount – reach out to us for the best network security solution in the market!