Data Breaches

Why data breaches happen & what you can do to stop them

War seems to have taken a new form in the Information age. Large corporations have reported increased data breaches in the last couple of years and the number is all set to increase in 2019.

Causes of Data and Network Security Breaches

There are several factors which contribute to such hacks – here are a few which you should watch out for.   

Malware as a Service

In the dark web, several Malware as a Service tools are available for very cheap rates. This allows people with basic tech knowledge to enter a network and access its data. If a person is willing to shell out more money, he/she can get access to high end black-hat techniques to hack into systems with multi-layer security.

Human Error

Since technology is evolving quickly, it requires its users to improve their usage patterns just as quickly to ensure that their data is safe. Since humans are prone to making mistakes, we have also been contributing to hackers’ success by sending critical information to the wrong email address or being taken in by fake requests, to name a few.

Improper Patches

The purpose of a software patch is to improve upon the current software or introduce new features and security measures. If this is done imperfectly, then you are leaving your network open to an attack.

Improper Visibility

More often than not, after a breach has happened, companies would still be unable to find the cause of the error or node of entry. This makes it impossible for them to carry out fixes and updated which will prevent a similar attack from happening in the future.

Network Security Solutions to the Rescue

However, if you are looking to take security into your own hands, implement these two points for a robust network security:

  • Obfuscate your code, encrypt business critical data, and intercept hacker codes like debuggers, code injectors and emulators.
  • Understand the methods of hackers and specifically guard against them.

While in-house IT teams are often limited by biases which don’t allow them to think outside the box, with a third party vendor, you can expect security audits to be more thorough.

To drastically improve the security of your network, we recommend that you do a complete security audit, find loopholes and look to patch them up.

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