IAM for Media Industry

Overcoming the Challenges of the Media Industry With Identity

When the digital revolution started, media companies were among the first ones to embrace it. Today, most media companies create content targeted exclusively at online subscribers on digital platforms, pivoting their efforts to become more user-friendly for a digital audience. 

In order to convert free digital users into paid users, it is also important to effectively profile them and target the right ads to the right users. Therefore, it becomes crucial to learn more about the users logging in to view media content – whether on an online magazine or a video streaming platform. At the same time, user information that is collected online needs to be safeguarded and the methods used for data handling must adhere to strict regulations.

Here are a few use cases where an IAM can be the solution for media digitization:

Integrating streaming devices

Recent trends indicate that more users are paying for subscription-based streaming services than traditional cable. Users use their account with one streaming service across multiple devices – smartphones, iPads, TVs and any other device capable of a visual display and internet connectivity. With a high-end Identity and Access Management solution, companies can authenticate users across multiple platforms using access tokens. 

Family Setup Restrictions

Some users find it more convenient to bring all the profiles of their family under a single account. In such cases, personalizing the feed of one person can be difficult unless you identify which member of the family is browsing your content. Most streaming service providers usually create sub-profiles with one master profile. With an efficient IAM solution, you can allow the billing contact to set up roles and restrictions for various users. This way, users within a family can access only age-appropriate content. 

A good IAM solution essentially provides the flexibility to create multiple profiles and the capability to identify users across web and mobile applications. This way, you can create cross-selling opportunities based on a new level of personalization. 

Multi-Platform Strategy

If your organization owns multiple streaming or content brands under one umbrella, it might make more sense to integrate all the services in a single mobile or web application. Since it is all about user experience, it will be counterproductive to make your users log in every time they want to access content from another brand of yours. Allowing them to move freely and securely within one application to access all your content can be achieved by implementing an IAM and Single Sign-on solution

With some work, you can easily merge login information across your brands into one repository. 


The business model of most media companies is to license their content to various distributors around the world. As an extension to this, media organizations place geo-fences around their content which prevent users belonging to other geographic locations from viewing content licensed for a specific region or country. This is done by whitelisting only the IPs from a particular geo-location, and an IAM solution should allow you to easily create such virtual boundaries. 

At CloudNow Technologies, we have built a reliable, high-end Identity and Access Management solution called Akku, which can secure your media application while providing your users with a frictionless streaming and navigation experience. To know more about Akku’s capabilities, get in touch with us now.